About Us

Johnsen’s brand has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket car care business since 1928. Starting with packaging brake fluid, Johnsen’s has always been there to answer the needs of the automotive car care consumer. Johnsen’s has been a leader in responding to the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket with many innovations over the years. We offer a complete line of automotive fluids, aerosol products and mobile air conditioning products for your aftermarket car care needs.

A Brand Recognized Internationally

Johnsen’s has long been committed to being a brand that Americans can trust. We also recognize the needs of foreign markets and extend this commitment to other countries around the world. Johnsen’s global presence is growing and will continue to meet the needs of a global automotive aftermarket.

Quality and Customer Service

Johnsen’s rigorous quality control testing ensures consistency throughout our product line and dependability you can count on.  Our success may be built on product quality, but our cornerstone is customer commitment. Our Products are backed by our experienced sales team and dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team.


Johnsen’s has been proud to be a part of both, the Tony Stewart and the John Force racing teams since 2002. Both racers have won multiple championships in their respective fields during our partnerships.